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Sedation (Twilight Anesthesia)

Sedation is given through an IV and is used in more minor cases. It is sometimes called "twilight sleep", although this is not very descriptive. There are 3 types of sedation

  • Conscious sedation - very mild sedation. The patient is awake but comfortably relaxed
  • Moderate sedation - a deeper form of sedation. The patient may sleep but may be awake at times. This form of sedation is usually combined with good local anesthesia from the surgeon.
  • Deep sedation - this is the most common form of sedation anesthesia at Norwalk Hospital. The patient is asleep during the procedure, but still breathing on his own. This contrasts with general anesthesia, where the patient is asleep, but requires a breathing tube of some sort. Deep sedation is used for many procedures, including colonoscopies, cystoscopies, breast biopsies, many minor orthopedic procedures, some ENT nasal cases. Deep sedation is only safe in a patient with an empty stomach and no significant risks for aspiration.
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